These are the patterns available in the Super Theme. To use them type the name of the pattern into one of 10 "slots" on in each page's properties. 

*When using the "Backpage" template, slots 1-3 display above the default backpage content area, and slots 4-10 display below.

Standard Patterns

There is also a slot_00_masthead and a slot_00_nav slot in the site settings where you define your masthead and nav.

Default Content

There are also default_content_01, default_content_02, and default_content_03 slots in the site settings, where you can define patterns that will show at the bottom of each page. Patterns that can be used in these slots have a --sitewide suffix e.g. action-hero--sitewide.

Anywhere Patterns

Some patterns may be used within editable regions. They have --anywhere modifiers e.g. featurettes--anywhere. Do not use any pattern other than an --anywhere pattern, else your page will blow up and you will need to re-create it.